Taiba market

Taiba market is a Kuwaiti retail brand, offering a variety of local and imported goods. We are proud of opening our first store in the Palm’s Mall – Sulaibikhat area and our second store in Surra area - block 3.

Taiba wants to serve the entire country, hence we have ambitious plans to implement a very fast roll out of our brand throughout all Kuwait governorates.

We are very conscious of today’s customer demands and as such, Taiba Market has made a huge offer to ensure we can offer the best choice for routine shopping. We know our customers have daily needs and it is our ambition to be able to offer to all of them, a unique shopping experience, not only with a top range of quality and fresh products, but also with the services required to make each visit to our stores, a convenient and seamless experience.
We will look for all possible locations to allow us to be as close as possible of our customers. “Proximity” will be one of our main objectives.

Our stores will be small with the purpose of making shopping convenient and easy. We know that by having small stores we may not have every and each single product that may be necessary for extra needs. However, whatever the product our customers may be looking for, we will make sure we will get it to them. 

We know that we must sell the products that our customers like most, but we also promote products that are organic and beneficial to their health. Our focus is to serve the best products for a good nutrition. We put all our efforts in providing fresh products and other products that satisfy our customers’ daily nutrition needs and desires. 

We are optimistic, positive, energetic and we want that all our customers feel the same whenever they visit any of our stores. 

Taiba Market cares about freshness and convenience, as part of our contribution for a better quality of life for people, families, and society. As a Social responsible brand, we want to contribute to a better planet, supporting recycling, sustainability and local communities.  

Saleh Al Tunaib

Founder and CEO